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Here are the top ten articles for the Boy Scouts Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Summer Camp at Camp Aliquippa
Summer camp at Camp Aliquippa in western Pennsylvania.

2. Lyme Disease- Cause, Symptoms and Treatment
Lyme disease is often to detect so treatment is often missed for some periods of time. Learn how to prevent the disease, the symptoms and the treatment.

3. Seeing at Night- Tips and Understanding
If you understand how the eye works- rods, cones, rhodopsin, intensity of light- you can learn to "see" your way better at night. Also some tips on improving your night vision.

4. Closing a Scouting Experience
A look at six years as the BellaOnLine Boy Scout editor and some of the highlights.

5. Wildfires- a Real Danger We Can Prevent
While some of the country has an overabundance of rain and water, much of the country is suffering from extreme drought. Drought conditions and high temperatures provide an excellent setting for wildfires. People cause most wildfires. With some precautions we can prevent many of these.

6. The Sun Rises in the East…Right?
We have all been taught that the sun rises in the east, but does it?

7. White Buffalo Born in Texas Fulfills a Prophecy?
A white buffalo was recently born in Texas. Is this a step in the fulfillment of the Lakota Cheyenne legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman?

8. Be Prepared- the Survival Bracelet
Being prepared means you are ready for unanticipated situations. Often you need some line for securing items or joining things together. The survival bracelet gives you a neat way to have line when you need it.

9. Chiggers- Myths, Facts and More
There are lots of myths about chiggers. They do not burrow into your skin and you do not treat them by using clear nail polish. Find the real story about chiggers.

10. Ticks- Myths, Facts and More
Ticks are the second highest transmitter of disease to humans. Improper tick removal can increase the probability of contracting a disease from a tick bite. Many of the myths about removing ticks can cause problems.

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